Hi, hi, welcome!!

To give you all a better understanding of who I am and why I  absolutely LOVE what I do…. here it is;

I am a mommy to our fur baby, Louis the French Bulldog, and I am the girlfriend to a very loving Leeroy(as I like to call him :p). We are both fitness fanatics, we actually met at the gym…no lie! Fun fact, I’m freakishly strong. Ask me about me PR’s you probably won’t believe me! On a regular day you’ll find me sitting at my desk editing photos or shopping. I live for home decor, and all things pretty. I’d like to think doesn’t take much to please me. I appreciate the little stuff.

I’m pretty easy going but when I get an idea in my head I go full steam ahead. I can be fairly stubborn and telling me I can’t do something means I will find a way. Which is probably how I ended up self-employed by 21 without ever having a “real job”. Knock on wood, I’m still going strong in the wedding photography biz over 6 years later.

I think my love and appriciation for photography comes from the fact that I never had any photos as a child- third child syndrome LOL!! I have an obession with documenting all of our memories so I can remember all of the great times & people in my life. Which brings me to my goal as a photographer; It’s to capture your raw, unfiltered emotion & to have fun! I want you to look back at your images years from now, and remember how you felt in that exact moment with your friends, family, and most importantly as a couple.

Photo’s compliments of Lee Doherty, Frances Beatty, Sara Monika, & Myself